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There is always a massive buzz when Big Time Gaming release a new slot, and I’m not sure how much that has diminished since they licensed their “MegaWays” format to rival brands. Kingmaker builds upon a few new ideas, introduced in games like Holy Diver, that have yet to recreate the buzz of Extra Chilli and White Rabbit.
Kingmaker introduces a progressive, stake-dependent element to the bonus. Whilst playing on any individual stake, flags to the left of the reels show multipliers of different levels for the top 4 premium symbols. Every time a 5 of a kind win for that symbol is achieved, the multiplier for that symbol is incremented by one. Whilst these multipliers are distinct, when the bonus lands, it will simply add the amounts for all four flags together, and this will be your starting multiplier for the bonus. However, the individual multipliers do still count in the base game. So before your 5 of a kind win increases the multiplier, it will itself be multiplied by the previous amount. This means that long amounts of time without the bonus could lead to some huge wins!
Kingmaker Slot Big Time Gaming
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As such, the minimum multiplier with which the bonus can be started is x4, and this is if you’ve managed to land the bonus before landing any 5 of a kind wins with the premium symbols. Throughout the bonus, the maximum MegaWays are always in play, and because of this there is the potential for some really massive wins! You get 7 free spins; and unlike on other Big Time Gaming slots, the multiplier will not increase on every win but only on the 5 of a kind wins, mirroring the base game play.
In some ways, Kingmaker is an ironic take upon Big Time Gaming’s biggest criticism: that the games take so long before awarding a bonus. With Kingmaker, the time spent without the bonus–building the multiplier–doesn’t feel quite so worthless. When the bonus is eventually achieved. you should be starting with a decent multiplier, and hopefully this will convert to a big win! In practice, this irony is maybe misplaced by the bonus actually being a lot more regular than on other Big Time Gaming slots, and you can’t help but think it’s dropping in the early bonus just so it can avoid the big wins that would come if it held off for another 500 spins!

Provider: Big Time Gaming

Reels: 5

Total Coins: 1

Coin Range: 0.20-20

Paylines: Up to 16807

Score: 78%

The jury’s out… The King has left the building!