At the point of launch, our site catalogues over 100 sites. A proportion of these will be offered to the end user through an affiliate link. This helps support our site, the entertainment content we create, and allows us to continue to search for great Casinos.

Where affiliate links are used, please be reassured that it does not negatively impact the deal you will receive at the casino, and can even open up exclusive offers that we have negotiated.

We are proud to offer a unique, quality, free resource, and using our search facility in no way obligates you to participate with any of the Casinos in any way.

There are many reasons why a particular casino may not be currently listed on our site.

We have contacted each Casino within our database, to check the details that we have, and we hope to provide you with very accurate information, so you can make an informed choice. Where we have received incomplete or unverified data, we may temporarily remove a Casino from our site.

Furthermore, should a Casino develop a bad reputation or be seen not to be operating to our high standards, we would seek to permanently remove it from listings. We can act much faster than institutions such as the Gambling Commission, with regard to matters such as these. And as such consider ourselves to be the first line of defence against inappropriate operators.

It’s always disappointing to hear when people are upset after a bad experience at an Online Casino, and we are happy to receive feedback about any of the sites that we promote.

Losing is, unfortunately, something that should be expected within any form of gambling. If your losses are getting out of control, or you feel that you may be at risk, we would encourage you to check out our ‘Do I Have A Problem’ page, that explains how you can get help.

If you believe you have been treated unfairly by a Casino that we promote, and have been unable to resolve your dispute with them directly, then we would recommend contacting the Casinos nominated ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution). Companies such as ECOGRA, deal with 100’s of disputes from Online Casinos, and are able to resolve many disputes satisfactorily. We are always open to listen to disputes or claims of bad practice, and if you feel you have exhausted the challenges that are open to you, then by all means reach out to us and we will see if there is anything we can do to help. 

Have you got an idea for content that you would like for us to produce? Maybe you have a particular slot that you would like us to review, or a new Casino you believe we should visit. Maybe you hate our videos and want us to just shut up shop and go away?

We receive a lot of feedback about our video content on YouTube; and for video suggestions, we would definitely encourage you to leave us comments there. All responses, both positive and negative are encouraged; and we will continue to shape our work in response to the voices of the people that we are trying to help.

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